Dolly Parton says she will 'never admit' to being old
Dolly Parton Says She Will Never Admit She Is Old ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Singer Dolly Parton joked that she will “never admit” to being old and explained that she will carry on working until the day she dies because she just wants to continue putting “good things” out into the world.

According to, the musician, who has been in show business since the 1960s, told WBIR-TV: “I live off of spiritual and creative energy and I just love what I do.”

“I just pray that God will lead me and kind of show me what to do. I think any time you’re working on good things that kind of energises you and somebody said ‘How come you never get old?’ Well, I ain’t got time to get old!”

She added: “I know that I probably am old, but I am never gonna admit that, because as long as there is still a bone in my body that is still working, I’m gonna get out there and be trying to do something good for me and especially for everybody else.”

“I just ask God to let me put something good out into the world and that’s what I’m gonna do until I just keel over some day. But I’ll be working, I’m sure I’ll be on the job when it happens!”

Meanwhile, 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Dolly’s megahit song ‘I Will Always Love You’, which she wrote and recorded as a farewell to her business partner and mentor Porter Wagoner but was later catapulted to further success when recorded by the late Whitney Houston for ‘The Bodyguard’ but the ‘Jolene‘ songstress quipped that she hadn’t realised because she “didn’t know” she was over that age herself.

She said: “I cannot believe, first of all, that my song is 50 years old. I didn’t even think I was that old!”

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