Doctor Strange 2 Actress Xochitl Gomez Speaks About The Backlash She faced After her Character America Chavez made Its MCU Debut
Doctor Strange 2 Actress Xochitl Gomez Reacts To Toxic Fans’ Backlash(Pic Credit: Instagram, Poster)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has established itself quite well and has garnered a lot of fans worldwide but with that comes a lot of love and a lot of hatred as well. One of the actors who faced the brunt of the fans is Xochitl Gomez, who made her MCU debut last year with the sequel of Doctor Strange movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. She played the role key role of America Chavez. Recently, the actress opened up about the backlash she faced from toxic fans in an interview, and it helped her to move on.

For the unversed, Doctor Strange 2 was directed by Sam Raimi, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Elisabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong, Rachel McAdams and others besides Gomez. The movie received mixed reactions from the audience, but Olsen got really positive reviews for the portrayal of her character.

Recently in an interview with The Wrap, Xochitl Gomez spoke about the negativity she received from the fans as she revealed that she met with Iman Vellani for a dinner, and for the record, Iman played the lead role in Ms Marvel. The young actress said that she bonded with Vellani “over being young, brown girls in the MCU and what that means.”

The Doctor Strange 2 actress Xochitl Gomez said, “It was just nice to be able to have these shared experiences that made me feel like, OK, I’m not the only one. And especially with harassment and haters and stuff, and being able to be like, ‘OK, it’s not just me, this happens to you, it happens to a few other people as well.’ But it’s like, sometimes when it’s in the moment, you forget, and it just becomes like this thing of like, ‘What is going on to me?’ And it’s just so much worse for brown people. Because there’s layers of racism, and it’s just, it’s tough. And so being able to talk to [Iman] and be like, ‘You’re not the only one,’ and being able to show my support, and being able to kind of take her out to dinner and be able to take her mind off it, be able to like to release it all. And then afterwards, being able to laugh and just be like, ‘Look at the conversation we just had!’ Look at that, we’re laughing, and it’s great.”

Since the multiversal saga has kickstarted in the MCU, starting with Loki and then opening wider in the Doctor Strange sequel, and Xochitl’s character is someone who can travel the multiverse, one can expect her appearances in the future MCU as well.

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