Did You Notice How Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor Made THIS Hilarious Goof-Up Multiple Times In Avengers: Infinity War!
Did You Notice How Chris Hemsworth AKA Thor Made THIS Hilarious Goof-Up Multiple Times In Avengers: Infinity War?

In Avengers: Infinity War, we saw a very angry Thor and for all the right reasons. Chris Hemsworth’s character had rage filled within to kill Thanos. At the beginning of the film, Thanos attacks the ship which has many Asgardian people. The Mad Titan kills them along with God of Thunder’s brother Loki and best friend, Heimdall.


In Avengers: Infinity War, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor meets the Guardians of The Galaxy gang for the first time. When he is in their ship, he tells them that as his hammer is broken, he needs a strong weapon to defeat Thanos. Thor tells them that he has to go to Nidavellir to make this weapon. When he tells the Guardians about this place, they are can’t believe a place with such a name exists! They can’t even pronounce the name when they try to. But if you think only God of Thunder could pronounce this name properly, you are mistaken.

Chris Hemsworth’s Thor himself made multiple goof-ups while saying Nidavellir in Avengers: Infinity War. Twice on Peter Quill’s ship, he pronounced the name incorrectly. He says Nivadellir instead of Nidavellir, thus switching d with v. But when he says it for the third time, Chris pronounces it correctly.


This goof-up in Avengers: Infinity War was noticed by fans on Reddit. One of the fans named ‘byu/Cr4shdown’ posted, “ust noticed that when Thor is having the discussion with the Guardians about where they should go he says:

“… Where we have to go is Nivadellir.”

Which is wrong, they’re going to Nidavellir. Weird that that take made it into the final movie.

Edit: I can understand that people are doubtful of this, and I did a double take when I heard it the first time and so I specifically listened out for it on my second viewing. It is absolutely “Nivadellir”.”

[IW Spoilers] Thor can’t pronounce where he needs go… from marvelstudios

We wonder what Chris Hemsworth has to say about this.

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