Josh Brolin Could Have Been In Chris Pratt's Shoes In Jurassic World But He Declined The Offer
Josh Brolin Declined Chris Pratt’s Role In Jurassic World ( Photo Credit – Poster from Jurassic World; Josh Brolin, Chris Pratt / IMDb )

Josh Brolin turned down a role in Jurassic World, which eventually went to Chris Pratt. The Thanos actor has been hitting the headlines quite a lot recently. Just a few days ago, it was revealed by the actor that he was offered to play the role of Batman in the DCEU.

However, director Zack Snyder took the decision to hire Ben Affleck for it. However, Brolin said that it was a ‘cool deal’ and might take up the part when he is 80. Even though he wasn’t the superhero in the DC franchise, he did play the role of the supervillain in the other biggest comic-book-based franchise, MCU.

Now, it turns out Josh Brolin was offered a role in another big movie, but he declined it. During an interview with The Playlist, Brolin revealed that he almost played Chris Pratt’s role in Jurassic World. However, he could not see himself doing that role, so he turned it down. “With all respect to Steven [Spielberg], I could not picture me doing it,” he said.

“I could not picture me being that guy. And I’m very, very happy, based on my decision, of what Chris does with it because I think Chris is the right guy,” Josh Brolin continued. “When I saw Chris in Guardians Of The Galaxy, and I was just like, ‘WHAT??’ I mean, we all were. I even said it to him embarrassingly at a party, ‘DUDE!’… So, I think I knew from a big picture standpoint that somebody else would do a much better job than me,” he added.

Jurassic World went on to earn a whopping $1,670,400,637 at the box office worldwide. It is the 7th highest-grossing movie of all time. Its success led to it becoming a franchise The second part was released in 2018, which did well too and is the 16th top-earning movie.

Now, the third instalment of Jurassic World is released in June. To be honest, even we can’t imagine Josh Brolin in place of Chris Pratt. Meanwhile, Brolin will reprise his role in Dune 2.

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