Pete Davidson Takes A Dig At Kanye West Following Rapper's Online Attack, Here's How
Pete Davidson Is Back On Instagram & It Seems Like He’s Giving It Back To Kanye West In Style ( Photo Credit – Pete Davidson, Kanye West / Wikimedia )

Ever since Kim Kardashian began dating Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, her ex-husband Kanye West isn’t too happy. The rapper, who has officially changed his name to Ye, has time and again taken to social media and thrown shade at the SNL host.


While Pete has managed to keep his cool throughout the rapper’s online attacks and not make any official statement, seems like he has now subtly reacted to all the drama. Now? We’ll, via his social media. Read on.


Pete Davidson, who took a break from Instagram in the midst of the Kanye West drama, recently made his comeback on the picture-sharing app. As of now, the SNL comedian’s handle has no post and follows only three people – Kim Kardashian, Sebastian Stan and Staten Island Ferry Hawks. While that’s all okay, what caught our attention was the link he has added in his bio. The link is a YouTube clip from the 1982 movie ‘The King of Comedy’, and it shows the character Rupert Pupkin delivering his famous line – “Better to be king for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime.”

Pete Davidson fans have been began assuming that this update on Pete’s account is his way of throwing shade at Kanye – and many also appreciated it. Some even dropped comments on the video praising him. One wrote, “Honestly, drama aside (well, drama from one side) this is how you handle situations. Some people will do anything to get what they want or who they think they own. Blame others, smear reputations, spew lies, publicly abuse then try to turn around and act like that abuse is a favour. Stay above it, maintain class and being true to yourself and people will show who they are!”

Another commented, “You can’t roast a comedian, his whole job is to make fun of any situation with a come back. Go Pete! Boldly go where every man has gone before!” While a third added, “Jokes aside, Pete is handling this with class. Ye keeps punching himself.” Another fan posted, ” Mrs. Diablo 15 hours ago I think people are reading way too much into this, I dont think it’s about Kanye. Think it’s just a quote Pete likes, saying he would rather try at something and be a king for a day rather than never try and be a loser forever.”

What are your thoughts on the ongoing beef between Kanye West and Pete Davidson?

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