Deadpool 3 Does Have A Release Window Confirms Kevin Feige
Kevin Feige Talks About Deadpool 3 Release Window ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikipedia ; IMDb )

There is a lot that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is right now gearing up for. But, one of the most anticipated and sought after project is definitely their first out and out R Rated flick Deadpool 3 starring Ryan Reynolds. While a lot has been said about the movie already, fans have been eager to know when does the movie go on floors and when does it release. Seems like Kevin Feige now has answers to these questions.

For the ones unaware, Deadpool 3 has been in the writing process for a while now. The movie is progressing rather slowly than all the Marvel projects that are in the making in the same time as the Ryan Reynolds starrer. As per the latest update now Kevin Feige has decided to open up about the future of the film and when one must expect it to come out. Read on to know everything you should about the same and also to know what the Marvel boss exactly has to say.

Marvel President Kevin Feige was in a candid conversation with Comicbook, where he had a lot to talk about. The interviewer took the opportunity to ask whether he has a release window for Deadpool 3 in his mind or not. Feige was quick to reveal that he does and that Ryan Reynolds with the team is busy shaping the saga.

“We do,” Feige said while talking to Brandon Davis. “And the script is in the works and Ryan is working very hard on it with our writers as we speak.”

Meanwhile, Kevin Feige has just confirmed Ryan Reynolds’ comments on Deadpool 3 going on floors. The actor had said there are 70 percent chances of the movie going on floors next year. “We’re really actively developing it and getting it into pretty good shape. What the hell month is it? August? Oh next year? Probably pretty damn good. I’d say 70%.”

Bob’s Burgers writers Wendy Molyneaux and Lizzie Molyneaux-Loeglin are shaping up Deadpool 3 and Ryan Reynolds has a big share in the process too. Talking about how that is working, he said, “It’s something that is just a daily process. Writing is kind of like that, you’ve gotta allot time to do it and walk away, and I’m working with the Molyneuxs on it, it’s been great. They’re incredibly talented and so, so smart. They so understand that world and know how to zig when everyone’s expecting a zag, so it’s been a lot of fun.”

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