David Beckham Kisses Daughter Harper On The Lips, Supporters Ask Trolls To Be ‘Progressive’
David Beckham Kisses Daughter Harper On The Lips, Supporters Ask Trolls To Be ‘Progressive’ (Photo Credit: Instagram/David Beckham)

David Beckham has been the dream man for many ladies. Even if it is Victoria Beckham who holds the throne, women still drool of his charisma. However, the winner of them all is baby Harper, daughter of Posh & Becks. But the latest news regarding the father-daughter duo is the change in the hour we were looking for. Below is the scoop you need.

For the unversed, last year a picture of David kissing Harper in the lips surfaced the internet. It led to a lot of backlash for the former football. Netizens were divided over the idea of a father kissing his daughter on the lips. The controversy has embroiled all over again as momma Victoria has now shared a similar picture. But wait, this time there’s a lot of positivity too for Beckham family.

It all began as Victoria Beckham took to Instagram to share an adorable frame. The picture witnesses David Beckham dressed in a brown sweatshirt giving Harper a peck on the lips. The string is followed by another picture where the father wraps his hands around his little girl as they pose for a picture. David as well as Harper are all smiles.

Victoria Beckham captioned David Beckham and Harper’s adorable picture as, “The best daddy” and tagged her hubby dear in the post.

Check out the post below:

Last year, David and Harper kissing on the lips hasn’t gone very well with a certain section of social media. This time, it seems people have truly evolved with their old school thinking. Several supporters took to social media to pull down the ones trolling the celebrity duo.

A user wrote, “Why is this always an issue when David Beckham does it?! He’s kissing his DAUGHTER. I hope my daughter wants to kiss me and her dad forever!! Grow up”

“#boring I’m sure I saw this made up exaggerated ’debate’ years ago when #harper7 was about 5 and @davidbeckham was snapped kissing her. Now it’s been revamped due to #COVID19 Can we have some real and interesting #news please instead of this clickbait rubbish?” wrote another.

Another supporter wrote, “I see nothing wrong in David Beckham giving his daughter a kiss on the lips! Don’t know why so many people go mad about it! She’s 9 for christ sakes and what some people are saying about it you must be a full-on weirdo!”

Well, it’s great to see social media not jumping to memes and trolls for a change. The world is truly moving towards a positive side.

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