Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis

British actor Daniel Day-Lewis, known for his extreme mental and physical preparation for each of his films, says he focuses so much on every role because playing a new character is like a huge pleasure of discovery.


But he hasn’t deliberately set out to create an air of mystery behind his preparations.

“I didn’t go looking for that mystery tag, it was not my intention to create a specious air of mystery about what I do. But what’s misrepresented is the fact I take a long time preparing for each character because I enjoy the work and it pleases me to take time over it,” contactmusic.com quoted Day-Lewis as saying.

“It’s pure joy. It is a huge pleasure in discovery. It’s a game, and I have never thought to obscure that fact. But that image persists of some sort of lonely, strange figure going about an unholy business,” he added.

Day-Lewis has sworn never to reveal his training secrets, but he worries people’s gossip will turn the reliable methods into something resembling a “Satanic ritual”, rather than appreciating his hard work.

“I have been reluctant to talk about how I work because I don’t feel one should talk about it.

“But the problem is a lot of other people then talk about it and by a process of Chinese whispers it sounds like some strange Satanic ritual is taking place, with the whole thing about immersion and the method and the weight of those terms,” he said.




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