Dakota Johnson Criticized For Being Cast As Madame Web
Sony Is Planning A Madame Web Spin-Off With Dakota Johnson(Pic Credit: IMDb)

One of the most trending news this week has to be Dakota Johnson entering the realm of superheroes to play one of the most unexplored Marvel characters, Madame Web. The news came in as the success of Tom Holland starrer Spider-Man: No Way Home convinced Sony to take the leap and have a spin-off featuring a female protagonist in the centre of it all. But seems like there is some resistance to this decision by the studio.


If you are late to the party, it was reported that Dakota Johnson is all set to play Madame Web in the spin-off to Spider-Man Franchise. While they were just speculations, Johnson in a way cryptically confirmed the news on her Instagram handle as she shared a story with a spider web in it.


While the excitement is at its all-time high to see Dakota Johnson playing a superhero amid her fans, some cinema lovers are not really keen on the idea. Netizens have called out the studio for casting another normal actor for a role that the disabled actors deserved. Read on to know everything you should.

If you are unaware, Madame Web in the comics was an old woman, who was disabled and blind. Netizens now say that the studio could have given chance to a blind actor and not Dakota Johnson. A user wrote, “‘It’s called acting!’ It’s called taking work away from disabled people who are incredibly underrepresented in the industry. ‘A blind person isn’t capable of doing this!’ Dakota Johnson will probably have a stunt double. So why not cast a blind person AND a stunt double?”

Another wrote, “So why can’t Sony get a blind actress for Madame Web? Get a stunt double for the action scenes and stuff. Dakota Johnson is probably gonna get a stunt double anyway. So why not cast a blind person, and hire a stunt double? “Oh but it’ll be too hard, a blind person isn’t capable.”

There were also a few who showed support and were against the backlash. A tweet read, “Now ppl r complaining because Madame Web is getting her own movie and it’s gonna b played by Dakota Johnson. She’s not older, blind or disabled. We don’t want actors anymore! Let’s get on the case of finding an elderly blind woman with psychic powers riding a hoverchair!”

Another read, “People are really mad that ACTORS and ACTRESSES are portraying characters in movies that don’t pertain to their real life.. like Dakota Johnson playing a blind lady isn’t okay because she’s not actually blind? SHUT THE FUCK UP. That’s what tf acting is. The world is a bunch of”

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