Connie Nielson on working with Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix in 'The Gladiator'
Connie Nielson on working with Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix in ‘The Gladiator’ (PC: Getty Images/IMDb)

Danish actress Connie Nielsen, who played Lucilla in Ridley Scott’s 2000 blockbuster “Gladiator”, has fond memories of working in the Oscar-winning film with actors Joaquin Phoenix and Russell Crowe.


“The experience of working with such thrilling actors like Joaquin and Russell is something that just so enriches any scene. You just never know exactly what they’re going to do and that’s the best feeling,” said the 55-year-old actress in an interview with


The film’s success made the cast popular across the globe but Nielsen insisted that wasn’t on their minds at the time of the shooting.

“I don’t think that any of us really understood — we could feel that it was something special, but I don’t think we understood just how privileged we were to be on there. We were so busy complaining about the four pages of new script changes that we got every morning, and we were just really working so hard to make that vision come alive, you know? And we were all super deeply invested in it,” Connie Nielsen said.

“I don’t think that I was thinking in terms of career-making or anything like that. I didn’t have a mindset like that. It was all about the story. It was all about the story and how we were telling that story that mattered to us,” Connie Nielsen added.

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