Academy Award-winning Christian Bale has a habit of laughing in between the scenes if he knows his co-stars too well.


In an interview with, Christian spoke about his role as  Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho” and how he tries to adopt a method acting approach to stop himself from disrupting filming, reports

Christian Bale Tries To Make His Co-Stars Laugh In The Middle Of Scenes & There's A Legit Reason For It
Christian Bale Tries To Make His Co-Stars Laugh In The Middle Of Scenes & There’s A Legit Reason For It

“I start laughing if I know people too well. I start laughing in the middle of scenes. Especially with a character like that,” he said.

Even, Christian’s co-star Chloe Sevigny found shooting with him “pretty hard”.


She said: “Working with Christian was pretty hard because I didn’t know this whole Method thing. I was pretty fresh. I hadn’t done that many films before, and that an actor would lose himself to such a degree and was so consumed by the part, I was having a hard time kind of… just wanting to socialise with him, but feeling that he didn’t, and then my ego being like, ‘Does he not like me? Does he think I’m a terrible actress?'”

She added: “But then when we went to festivals and stuff after, like Berlin and whatnot, he was very friendly then. When we were not shooting, doing press and stuff, he couldn’t have been a nicer guy.”

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