Chrissy Teigen On Pregnancy: “Every Time I’d Go To The Bathroom, It Would Be Blood”
Chrissy Teigen On Pregnancy: “Every Time I’d Go To The Bathroom, It Would Be Blood” (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen is expecting her third baby with husband John Legend. The model has been super active on social media ever since. She keeps updating fans about her health and shares all the details. In fact, she even asks her fans for suggestions when she is craving for something. Fans love her updates and keep asking for more.


Well, in a recent update, the supermodel revealed that she is advised to complete bed rest. After this, many fans showed their concerns. But with the latest update that Chrissy gave, everyone was scared. She revealed that she was hospitalised due to some bleeding. Continue reading further to get complete details about this.


Chrissy Teigen had accidentally shown off her hospital room’s phone number on Instagram. After which she had to switch rooms and then explained to fans why she’s there. Her husband, John Legend, is also there with her. “We all know I’ve been on bed rest for a few weeks,” Chrissy said.

The 34-year-old model further continued, “And that’s super serious bed rest, like get up too quickly pee and that’s it. I take baths twice a week, no showering… I was always, always bleeding. I’m about halfway through a pregnancy, and blood has been going for a month. So like, maybe a little less than a month. We’re talking more than your period, girls, but definitely not spotting. A lot of people spot, and it’s usually fine.”

“Every time I’d go to the bathroom, it would be blood, but honestly, just laying there would be blood. But today, the big difference was that it kind of was like you were to turn a faucet on to low and leave it there. It’s so weird because I feel really good. I’m usually at my happiest pregnant, mood-wise. I feel happier than I do when not pregnant. That’s why it’s so hard for me to come to terms with [the situation]… It was at the point today where it was never stopping bleeding,” Chrissy Teigen explained.

She also asked her fans who happen to be doctors to stop reaching out and trying to diagnose her. “If you are a doctor, I cannot express enough how badly I’d like you to stop your guessing games,” she said. “You have to trust me that I have very good doctors, who know what they’re doing. There’s so much more than you can ever imagine. I share a lot, but not absolutely everything. So trust me when I say they know and I just want to keep things so simple for you guys.”

“In the simplest of terms, we can say my placenta is really, really weak,” Chrissy Teigen added. “I feel really good. The baby is so healthy, growing stronger than Luna or Miles. He moves a lot. He moves so much earlier than they ever did… he’s so different than they were. He’s strong. I’m so excited for him because he’s so wonderful, the strongest little dude. But basically, he’s the strongest coolest dude in the sh-ttiest house. His house is just falling apart. It didn’t have a good foundation, to begin with.”

Chrissy said she and her baby boy have to make it through the next few weeks to make it out of the “danger zone.” She said it’s scary, but scary in a way “where there’s nothing to do.”

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