Chris Evans Is A Football Player? Marvel Fans Get Confused After The Actor Trends On Twitter
Chris Evans Is Trending But It Not Who The Marvel Fans Think It Is (Photo Credit: Instagram & IMDb)


Chris Evans has been trending on Twitter, but it is not who the fans think it is. Whenever most people hear the name of Evans, the first thing that comes to their mind is Captain America or Steve Rogers. The actor has played that role for the Marvel franchise since 2010. He played the role of hero for the first time in Captain America: The First Avenger. Since then, Evans has become synonymous with the film series.

However, the person who is trending on Twitter is not the actor but someone else who has confused his fans. It has come as a surprise to a lot of people that there is an American footballer with the same name.


Chris Evans is also the name of the American football player who is a running back for the Cincinnati Bengals. The confusion started after the Bengals played the Miami Dolphins, which caused many NFL fans to tweet about Evans, the football player. This puzzled the Marvel fans who know Chris as the Cap.

Watch the Cincinnati Bengals game, which features Chris Evans, the footballer, here:

After this video, Marvel fan’s pure confusion came forward through other tweets. A lot of people took this as a chance to tweet about Chris Evans, the actor, as well.

Here are some of those tweets:

Some people even took this as an opportunity to check up on Chris Evans, to see if he is “alive and breathing” and to make sure he isn’t “cancelled.”

While one fan, who is unaware of why he is trending, tweeted, “I still don’t know why Chris Evans is trending, but I’m not mad about all the pics,” along with sharing a photo of the actor.

Even though it wasn’t the actor Chris Evans, his fans got to share and see several photos of him trending as well. Meanwhile, the NFL fans got to enjoy the funny confusion too.

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