BTS' V & IVE's Wonyoung Receive Apology From Controversial YouTuber For Spreading False Rumours Via Malicious Videos
BTS’ V & IVE’s Wonyoung Receive Apology From Controversial YouTuber For Spreading False Rumours Via Malicious Videos ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

With every passing day, K-Pop idols from bands such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TXT and more are reaching new heights with their amazing talents. However, this global fame is also coming with a cost, as these stars are often subjected to rumours about their appearance and personal lives. As a YouTuber named Sojang was constantly targetting BTS’ V, she recently brought down her handle and penned a sincere apology.

In the past few years, many rumours about V, whose real name is Kim Taehyung, have flung by. While some were about his love life, others claimed the singer has had plastic surgeries.

One significant chunk of many baseless rumours came from a YouTuber named Sojang. For the unversed, the controversial YouTuber often made videos accusing many South Korean idols of going under the knife and even opting for fillers. She received millions of views on her videos, but fans were extremely disappointed in her ways. Now, after two years of bashing K-Pop idols, the YouTuber has pulled down her channel and even penned an apology involving BTS’ V and IVE’s Wonyoung.

As per Koreaboo, the YouTuber took to Nate Pann to pen a sincere apology revealing her real name and admitting her videos were malicious. She wrote, “Hello. This is Park Joo Ah, who ran the YouTube channel Sojang. From the first video I ever uploaded, all the way to the hacking of my account, I too, know just how malicious my videos were. I guess I was just an attention-seeker.”

The YouTuber continued, “As the fans of the famous idols and actors I targeted would watch the videos, I was deluded that there would be high views and that I would receive a good income. Just as I had predicted, the views began to climb as time passed, and I got a taste of the income that came with it.”

She further addressed how she had made videos involving false rumours about BTS’ V to seek his attention and apologised to the 27-year-old. Sojang wrote, “I’m so so sorry to the idols and actors that appeared in my videos. Whether I was crazed about the money or the views, I was crazed either way. When BTS’s V said that he knew about my channel, I acted up to gain attention and I targeted him even more. I’m sorry to him for that.”

Addressing IVE member Jang Won-young, aka Wonyoung, the YouTuber admitted having edited her photos to make videos that promoted lies. She wrote, “I’m also sorry for editing photos and videos that I took from the internet and using them to create exaggerated lies, giving psychological pain to Jang Wonyoung. Apart from these two, I’m also sorry to the other people who received psychological pain through my videos of lies and malicious rumours. I’m also sorry to the fans. I won’t do such things again.”

The YouTuber further mentioned that after her email was hacked, she got time to rethink her wrongdoings. Now, she has created another channel under the same name but vowed to spread positivity among celebrities with it. She also promised to donate all her profits to charity in the future.

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