BTS Member Jimin's Huge Net Worth Will Leave You In A Shock
BTS Member Jimin Has A Massive Net Worth By Earning Millions Through His Songs, Concerts & Much More ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )


Jimin from BTS is one of the most sought-after members of the group. With his cute looks and melodic voice, Jimin has gained a huge fanbase just for himself. No matter what they do, the Bangtan Boys have become famous all across the globe. Their songs rank at the top of the charts, and all their tours and concerts are almost sold-out.

Just like their band, each member of the group has also become popular. Almost all the members have their singles or personal albums, endorsements, films and much more. With so many opportunities, it is obvious that they earn a lot too.


BTS member Jimin, who has made a name for himself, has an unbelievable net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the singer’s net worth is $20 million. He is also the only K-pop idol who has topped the individual Idol Brand Reputation Ranking nineteen times in a row.

As per some reports, like the rest of the BTS members, Jimin also has shares in Hybe. The singer has also earned himself several titles such as Japan’s ‘Generation Z role model’ and ‘Sold out Star!’ He has also written nine songs which include ‘Promise’ and the hit song ‘Friends’. There are many other activities that Jimin does, which is the reason behind his massive net worth.

Moreover, the singer also knows how to flaunt the big bucks. The BTS member made the headlines along with RM. The two have bought a flat at Nine One Hannam, which is the so-called Beverly Hills of South Korea. The flat costs around $5.3 million, and it was reportedly paid in cash.

Apart from that, Jimin has also invested in another flat, which is worth $3.9 million. It is currently undergoing an expensive reconstruction, as per the reports. The singer has also made special appearances on several shows, which have helped him gain more revenue.

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