Avengers & Other Marvel Flicks Might Get Banned In China Due A New Law?
China’s New Law Has The Power To Ban Films That Go Against The Ideology(Photo Credit: Imdb)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years has made fans all across the globe. It is no news that Asia holds a huge stake in making the studio what it is today. Half of the credit goes to China, that over years has become a gold mine for the studios to release their films and earn big. The country has a special place in their hearts and that is evident. But now it seems dystopia is about to hit the future of MCU in China and here’s how.

Over the years the Marvel flicks have found momentum and when the cinematic universe expanded after Iron Man (2008), it only saw a boom in business. China contributed over $100 Million for each film as per the reports and even more to Avengers films, with Endgame earning close to $630 Million single-handed.



But now if the reports are to go by, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes might get banned at the China big screens and this is a huge blow to the commerce and fanbase. Read on to know everything you should about the same below.

As per a report in We Got This Covered, a new national security law has been passed by the authorities in China. It gives the Hong Kong Chief Secretary the power to revoke or ban any film of their choice. He/She also has the power to implement a $128,000 fine on anyone who is caught screening an unlicensed movie. This has created a huge stir amid the movie going audience in the country, and there are protest. The protest have even taken Avengers: Endgame references and memes which feature Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping as Thanos.

If in case, Marvel movies including the country’s favourite Avengers in any way turn out to be anti-establishment and inspire pro-democracy supporters, they will be simply banned and not see the light of the day. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more!

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