The Lawyer Of Britney Spears Claims That James Spears Is Extorting His Client Which Is Not Acceptable
Britney Spears Lawyer Assures That She Won’t Be extorted By Her Father(Pic Credit: Facebook/Britney Spears, James Parnell Spears)


The long continuing battle between Britney Spears and her father James Spears has taken a new turn. The new court filing by Britney’s new attorney showed the clear intention of James attempting to gain $2 million in payments before he steps down from the conservatorship that controls her life and money.

It was validated by lawyer Mathew Rosengart that James Spears wants to settle the upcoming scheduled accounting of the conservatorship before he steps down, l which will, in turn, make him earn huge profits from his daughter.


As per The Hollywood Reporter, the filing stated that “Britney Spears will not be extorted.” It also stated that “Mr. Spears’ blatant attempt to barter suspension and removal in exchange for approximately $2 million in payments, on top of the millions already reaped from Ms. Spears’ estate by Mr. Spears and his associates, is a non-starter.”

Britney wishes for her father to step down immediately as she was going through a very harsh time when she was with him. As Per Spears’ speeches which she had given to the court in June and July, she called the conservatorship “abusive.” Spears also stated that she was forced to use an intrauterine device for birth control, take medications, and was even prevented from getting married, having another child, or even riding in her boyfriend’s car unsupervised.

“This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good,” the 39-year-old singer said in front of the court. “I deserve to have a life.”

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  1. It’s disgusting what they have done to her for 13 years! The smear campaigns, the extortion, the obvious abuse… it’s too much. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED to…. make mistakes, spend their money how they deem fit. To get angry, to get sad… this doesn’t make her unstable. It makes her HUMAN. It appears people have forgotten that she has feelings, she has a heart and soul. She, just like everyone else, is entitled to have bad days. She is allowed to feel angry bc she has been taken advantage of. She has lived with and experienced being abused and silenced by, not only her abusers, but her own family. Can you imagine the toll this has taken on her? #freebritney


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