5 legendary Britney Spears moments that defined pop culture
5 legendary Britney Spears moments that defined pop culture

It takes an exceptionally gifted artist to sustain a flourishing career at the very top for more than 20 years. Who could achieve this remarkable feat apart from pop culture legend Britney Spears? From her iconic schoolgirl outfit in ‘Baby One More Time’ to dancing with snakes during live performances, Britney is renowned for pioneering trends and constantly elevating her game in the music industry.

Back in 2001 she made waves with numerous Guinness World Records for scoring a bestselling album as a teenage solo artist. Fast forward to 20 years, she continues to dominate the industry with addictive tracks like ‘Gimme More’ that took Instagram Reels by storm. A recipient of countless accolades including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Britney Spears’ legacy in music is nothing short of groundbreaking. The starlet’s personal life has been under a glaring spotlight recently as the internet remains horrified by the ordeal she’s endured during her conservatorship controlled by her father. Celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Madonna and former flame Justin Timberlake have spoken up in support of the popstar, leading to the #FreeBritney movement rapidly gaining momentum.

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1.Baby One More Time

Back in 1998, Britney Spears rocked the world with her super hit single ‘Baby One More Time’. The ever-iconic song topped charts in more than 22 countries, with Rolling Stone terming the track as the greatest debut single of all time. The signature music video proved to be one of the most influential in pop music, making Britney an overnight success thanks to her quirky schoolgirl outfit that went down in history.

2.Her LIVE performance with a snake at VMA 2001

If there is anyone who’s a pro at grabbing eyeballs, its Britney Spears. The prolific artist used her arsenal of skills including killer choreography and powerhouse vocals to bring the house down at the 2001 VMAs. Audiences were left shell shocked when Britney performed her outstanding record ‘I’m a Slave 4 U’ with a gigantic albino python on her shoulders! Hypnotized by her ease of performing, this unforgettable performance is still the talk of the town 20 years later.

3.Britney and Madonna Kiss at the 2003 VMAs

When legends like Britney Spears and Madonna come together, they’re bound to make history. Millions of viewers held their breaths when the popstars locked lips at the end of their performance at the 2003 VMAs, with camera instantly panning to the stunned faces of fellow celebrities. One of the key highlights remains Justin Timberlake’s awkward expression watching his former girlfriend kiss one of the most celebrated musicians of all time.

4.Her Video Vanguard Award at the 2011 VMAs

The 2011 VMAs were extremely special for Britney, who was bestowed with the coveted Video Vanguard Award for her dazzling legacy in the music industry. She also scored the Best Pop Video Award for her single ‘Till the World Ends’. Britney Spears’ performance brought her unmatchable gusto and fervor, making the award show the most watched broadcast in MTV’s history.

5.6 Albums topped at Number One

The certified Princess of Pop has released nine studio albums, of which 6 have topped at number 1 in charts across the world. Over the several decades of her career, she has served record breaking albums in each defining decade, starting with ‘Baby One More Time’ till ‘Femme Fatale’. Adding to her roster of hits, she has released numerous singles that have become sensations in pop culture, including ‘Toxic’, ‘Oops I Did It Again’, ‘Criminal’ and ‘Womanizer’ to name a few.

The popstar’s early days in music culminated as an opening act for yet another iconic band, NSYNC. Catch the most glorious moments from their incredible careers only on My Life on MTV airing on Vh1 India and Voot Select on Sunday, 18th July.

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