Billie Eilish Requests For Restraining Order Against A Stalker, Granted!
Billie Eilish Granted Restraining Order Against Stalker ( Photo Credit – Getty images / Billie Eilish )

American singer Billie Eilish has earned fame at a very young age. She’s just 19-years-old but has turned into a worldwide sensation. Her songs like Bad Guy, Therefore I Am, Everything I Wanted are amongst other blockbusters. But fame comes with a price and when it comes to Billie, she’s already seen the worst of it.


This isn’t the first time that Eilish is struggling with a stalker. Back in June 2020, the singer had been granted a restraining order against Prenell Rousseau. The stalker visited her house 7 times. When her father told him that the musician isn’t available, he sat on the porch waiting for her to read a book.


Now, Billie Eilish has been granted a restraining order against 23-year-old stalker John Hearle. He camps outside her family home and throws ‘extremely disturbing’ letters on their property. Just not that, John even shows a throat-slitting gesture every time she gets a glimpse of him.

In a document obtained by NBC News, Billie Eilish wrote to the court that his presence has caused her, “emotional injury including fear for my safety, fear for the safety of my family, and loss of my sense of peace and tranquility and security in my home and personal space resulting from the repeated instances of harassment”.

The singer continued, “I no longer feel safe going outside my home and enjoying basic physical exercise in my neighbourhood, as he could attempt to approach and hurt me … Every time I see him I just want to scream.”

The request was filed in a LA country court and has been granted!

Time and again, Billie Eilish is in the news over her personal life. The singer previously created a storm over her body after she was witnessed in a tank top.

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