Bill & Ted Face The Music: Here's How Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Look In The Film
Bill & Ted Face The Music: Here’s How Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Look In The Film

After almost 30 years later, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter starrer Bill & Ted Face the Music has been released in theatres. The new film is the third instalment of the Bill & Ted series. Both the actors had first started talking about making the movie over a decade ago.

Interestingly, both actors have gone through quite the journey in the third film of the franchise. As they come across as much older versions of themselves because the film involves a time-travelling sequence.

According to Mail Online, both Bill S. Preston Esquire, played by Alex Winter and Ted Theodore Logan, played by Keanu Reeves, are seen lying in white hair and wrinkled features.

Reportedly, the Bill & Ted Face the Music begins in present-day with Bill and Ted now middle-aged fathers. In the first two instalments, the duo was told that upon visiting the future, they would be writing a song that would save the world.

Chris Matheson, who co-wrote all three films, talked about the film to Gamespot. He said, “I mean, It starts with a meeting at Alex’s house in 2008, all four of us talking about it.”

One of the co-writers of the film, Ed Solomon also explained to the publication, “They are complete partners from beginning to end, especially now. On the first movie, obviously Chris and I wrote it in a vacuum initially, got it set up, and they came on as actors.”

Talking about the second instalment of Bill & Ted franchise, Solomon said, “The second movie, we had two ways to go. The one we liked and the one the studio liked. Alex and Keanu backed the one we liked. Thankfully, we got to do that–Bill and Ted Go to Hell, which is what [Bogus Journey] was originally called. On this movie, they were partners. They showed up every day with everything memorized. We got notes every day. And they were very respectful about the notes. But this is definitely a product of the four of us as partners, not just Chris and me as it was the first go-round.”

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