The Simpsons Want Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock On The Show
Dwayne Johnson Is The Most Sought After Stars On The Simpsons & They Want His Special Appearance(Photo Credit: Getty Images/IMDb)

There is no one across the globe who is unaware of the mass popularity and the phenomenon of déjà vu The Simpsons drives on. The show that has been running for decades and successfully has lured the biggest of the Hollywood stars to have made their caricatures and feature in the show as their cartoon characters. Seems like now the team wants Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock who has kept himself away for all these years.

The Simpsons, over the last 30+ seasons, has managed to rope in all possible big wigs of Hollywood on the show. The list also includes Meryl Streep and the late Michael Jackson just you know. Now the makers have revealed that they already have a plan in place to make Lisa Simpson meet The Rock. Well, if this happens we are up for some fun soon. Read on for all the exciting details about this equally exciting update of the day.



It so happened at the Comic-Con, that team The Simpsons was in attendance. When the floor was opened for comments, Lisa Simpson’s voice actor, Yardley Smith, asked, “Can we please have an episode where Lisa Simpson befriends The Rock (Dwayne Johnson)?” Everyone from the comforts of their home goes so excited because they already had a plan around this in place. Director Mike Anderson playfully submitted that “We could do an actual rock.”

The Simpsons series writer Carolyn Omine even admitted to having a story ready for Dwayne Johnson’s appearance on the show. “There is a story that we came up with, Lisa and The Rock, but we don’t know yet,” she explained. “We’re still hoping The Rock will hear us. If anybody knows The Rock, tell him that we want that!”

An excited Yardley Smith jumped in again and said how she has been wanting to have Dwayne Johnson on The Simpsons for years. “I’ve only been saying this was a great idea every time I do an interview for about the last two years,” the star began. “They’re like, ‘So what guest star would you like to have on The Simpsons?’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I would like to have Dwayne Johnson. I would like him to befriend Lisa Simpson. Duh.'”

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