George Clooney Says Ben Affleck Ruined The Batman Franchise
Geroge Clooney & Ben Affleck Are Both Batmans Of The DCEU(Pic Credit: IMDb, Movie Still)

No matter how many movies Ben Affleck and George Clooney do together, the ghost of Batman & Robin is not leaving them anytime soon. The fate of the movie that was initially the most anticipated movie across the globe before its release, only shocked everyone involved. Not only did it fail to earn big numbers at the Box Office, but it also left fans with a sore experience. Clooney who plays Batman has been forever apologetic about the same.

If you are unversed, reports had that George Clooney was so sorry about Batman & Robin that he handed money to people for how much they hated the movie as a compensation. So you know the brunt of the fire is deep. The actor who sarcastically time and again talks about the movie, has now decided to take a dig at his close pal and the current Batman Ben Affleck.

He says, Batfleck ruined the franchise that was left on a high note by him and below is all you need to know about this fun update of the day.

For the past few days, George Clooney and Ben Affleck have been showering each other with praises. The one time Batman has now decided to take a hilarious dig at his friend Batfleck. While talking to We Got This Covered about Batman & Robin, he says he did not want to work with Ben Affleck for obvious reasons. He said, “I didn’t want to work with him for the obvious reasons. He screwed up the Batman franchise that I had made so solid.”

Meanwhile, in the past, George Clooney has called the movie a terrible one and even called his work terrible. “The only way you can honestly talk about things is to include yourself and your shortcomings in those things. Like, when I say Batman & Robin‘s a terrible film, I always go, ‘I was terrible in it’. Because I was, number one. But also because then it allows you the ability to say, ‘Having said I sucked in it, I can also say that none of these other elements worked, either’. You know? Lines like ‘Freeze, Freeze!’.”

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