Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Zack Snyder Reveals The New Look Of IMAX Ratio Of The Film
Zack Snyder Gives A Sneak Peek Of IMAX Remaster Of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice(Pic credit – Imdb )

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was previously set to be released on HBO Max. However, the latest report indicates Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will have a theatrical release with an R rated because of the violence and Batman dropping some F-Bombs. This has led to a topic of concern for the fans as well.

For the unversed, Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League was previously reported to be released on their streaming platform, HBO Max. The film will have some extra scenes which will have a run time of 4 hours and thus it will be cut down into 4 episodes on the streaming platform. However, later Snyder claimed that the four-hour-long film might be released in theatres with an R rating.



While there’s no official confirmation as to whether the film will have a theatrical release or OTT release, the filmmaker has now teased about the IMAX aspect ratio for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He released a small clip-on Vero, giving a sneak peek exactly what that it will entail.

The clip shared by Zack Snyder showcases the IMAX ratio of Batman v Superman’s ‘Knightmare’ scene. The clip gives us a hint of how the film will look like in the larger aspect ratio. The filmmaker always supported the usage of the larger IMAX ratio. With the clip now we hope that fans will get to experience on the big screen with his cut.
Take a look at the clip.

During a recent interview with, director Zack Snyder said, “I love the movies, I love the theatrical experience, I’m a huge advocate. If it’s possible I would love there to be a theatrical component to Justice League. It’s a little above my pay grade as far as distribution. The reality is the way distribution works, Warner Bros. and HBO Max they have to make deals with all these different territories and there’s this super complicated process of how they sell the movie. But barring that and with any kind of luck, in places where maybe HBO Max doesn’t exist or something like that, there might be an opportunity to grab some IMAX screens.”

What do you think about Zack Snyder’s the IMAX aspect ratio for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Let us know in the comments.

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