Avengers: Endgame Trivia #83: DIE HARD Fan Game Of Thrones' George R. R. Martin Wrote This SWEET Letter To Stan Lee Back In The 60s
Avengers: Endgame Trivia #83: DIE HARD Fan Game Of Thrones’ George R. R. Martin Wrote This SWEET Letter To Stan Lee Back In The 60s

Avengers: Endgame Trivia #83: There always be three types of Marvel fans, those who’ve just read the comics, those who’ve just watched the films and third ones are like Game Of Thrones’ George R. R. Martin who cherishes both.


Yes, there was a time back in 1960s way before the Lannisters and Targaryens, when the nerd in George R. R. Martin used to send letters to Marvel’s Stan Lee and Jack.

Here’s one of his many letters revealed by Buzzfeed. Read it below:

“Dear Stan and Jack,


FF. #17 was greater than great. Even nowI sit in awe of it, trying to do the impossible-that is, describe it. It was absolutely stupendous, the ultimate, utmost! I cannot fathom how you could fit so much action into so few pages. It will live forever as one of the greatest F.F. comics ever printed, ergo, as one of the greatest of ALL comics. In what other comic mag could you see things like a hero falling down a manhole, a heroine mistaking a toy inventor for a criminal, and the President of the U.S.A leaving a conference that may determine the fate of the world to put his daughter to bed.”

There’s more to it, “The epic story, spectacular and exciting as it is, is not all that made this mag so great, The letter column was top-notch, too. I nearly died when I saw Paul Gambaccini’s letter. You’ve really made him change his tune; that letter was a far ery from the one printed in F.F. #9. Then there’s your cover boast – THE WORLD’S
GREATEST COMIC MAGAZINE! Brilliant! You were just about the World’s worst mag when you started, you set yourself an ideal, and, by gumbo, you achieved it! More than achieved it, in fact-why, if you were only half as good as you’re now, you’d still world’s greatest mag!!!”

Here’s the reply from the masters, “We might as well quit while we’re ahead. Thanks for your kind words, George, and now – it’s time for our favorite department where we talk to you straight from the shoulder.”

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