Avengers: Endgame Trivia #46: Tom Holland's Peter Parker Was 'Other Child' To Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man & We All Love Them 3000
Avengers: Endgame Trivia #46: Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Was ‘Other Child’ To Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man & We All Love Them 3000

Avengers: Endgame Trivia #46: We all sobbed when Tom Holland’s Spider-Man cried with us for Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man’s loss. “We won Mr. Stark. did it,” exclaims Spidey in the climax of Endgame and it was a heartbreaking moment for all the fans.



Also, we’ll never be able to forget Robert Downey Jr’s ‘I Love You 3000’ stint with his daughter. But the chemistry between Tony Stark and Peter Parker became one of the major reasons for our emotional Connect with the Avengers saga.

The scene in which we see Peter’s photo near Tony’s father in his kitchen made clear how much important he’s to him. While the makers didn’t put this at the audience’s face but it clear that both Tony and Peter share a fatherly-son bond.

The “I don’t feel so good” scene in Avengers: Infinity War kind of registered that how much we’re going to see more of Tony Stark and Peter Parker. From Peter dying in Tony’s arms in Infinity War to him crying on Tony’s loss, both these characters have shared a special bond.

In a report published on Insider, Joe Russo said, “This is like his other child that he’s lost. [That] spurs him to action. [It] makes him consider that, you know, even though he has this child [his daughter, Morgan], he still lost a child, and there may be potential to bring that other child back, and he’s now in conflict.”

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