Avengers 5 Plans In Works As Per A New Leak
Avengers 5 Might Kick-Start A Trilogy(Pic Credit: Avengers: Endgame Poster)

Rumour has it that Marvel’s Avengers 5 is in the works. The franchise, especially Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, has been MCU’s most ambitious projects to date. The latter is also the highest-grossing film of all time in the US and right after Avatar. Even though Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home has taken over Infinity War’s place, one Avengers film is still there.


As the saga ended with Endgame in 2019, creating a path for other Marvel stories, like that of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, questions about a fifth part or the continuation of the series have always been in the minds of the MCU fans.


Well, now there has been a crazy rumour floating around regarding Avengers 5. As reported by Moth Culture, a leak might have claimed that the movie will kick off a massive story that will require a trilogy of movies. The Twitter user has stated that “decisions are heating up, with early drafts having the story coming as a trilogy. Ideas are massive, with Marvel planning the three parts to be filmed back-to-back.”

If the claims are accurate then there are chances of the story featuring a smaller sort of an event, building up to the massive story speculated by the Twitter user. While talking about the film, Nate Moore, VP of Production & Development at Marvel Studios, discussed the plans for the fifth part in 2020.

As reported by Comicbook, Moore said, “We haven’t really talked in a real way about what an Avengers 5 would be even. I think audiences also kind of want to be surprised.” He added, “So, to some degree, we don’t want to say, ‘You saw that trick, let’s do that trick again.’ What’s the new way to surprise people if, and when we did an Avengers movie, what would be the funniest version of that?”

Could the big surprise that was being talked about be that of Avengers 5 kick-starting a trilogy? Marvel fans will have to wait to find out!

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