Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger In A New Interview Has Claimed That His Mouth Has Got Him Into Trouble A Lot Of Times
Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Confessed That He Did Step Over The Line With Women ( Photo Credit – Flickr )

Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger has stirred controversies on many occasions in the past but it is only now that the actor is admitting them. In a recent interview, the Terminator star confessed to crossing the line with his inappropriate behaviour towards women. Schwarzenegger was first accused of s*xual misconduct in 2003 but he at the time dubbed it as a “political attack.”

For the unversed, Arnold Schwarzenegger was accused by six women at the time but nothing really happened. The actor and former bodybuilder is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood who later ventured into politics.

Speaking of the latest, according to Ladbible, Arnold Schwarzenegger in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter opened up about his past mistakes. When asked about his behaviour while responding to the accusations, Schwarzenegger stated, “I think it’s very easy to understand. We are not perfect. We try to be, but there’s only one that’s perfect- God.” The actor then stated, “My mouth is great, but it gets me into trouble. My brain is great it has the will to make a better world but sometimes I f*ck up.” The award-winning star continued, “I make mistakes. I behaved badly. All of those things I’ve addressed in the past.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the interview further stated, “I feel bad about it. But I cannot roll the clock back. I have to be careful and be wiser. I’m smarter. I’m more sensitive about other people’s feelings.”

The former Governor of California in 2018 had admitted about his past mistakes saying, “I feel bad about it, and I apologise. When I became governor, I wanted to make sure that no one, including me, ever makes this mistake.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that people didn’t challenge his behaviour adding, “No one said anything. Look, the bottom line is that even though the times were different, it doesn’t matter if it was 100 years ago or today.”

The True Lies star added, “You have to treat women with respect and you have to treat people with respect. None of it is an excuse. I should have behaved better” concluding, “You start thinking more about other people and not just about yourself. Not just what’s fun for you, not just what makes you look ballsy.”

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