Ariana Grande's Recent Social Media Upload Brought Her Accusations Of Asian-Fishing, Check It Out
Ariana Grande Has Been Accused Of Asian-Fishing Because Of Her Recent Instagram Upload!(Pic Credit: Instagram/katiatemkin)

Singer Ariana Grande’s songs are something that people look up to and groove on. Not only for her songs, but her fans look up to her for her kind and loving nature too. However, it now seems like Ariana is in some deep trouble with the Asian community!

Read on to know, what sort of havoc is now stirring up in the life of the famous singer.

So, talking about the issues, it seems like a lot of people are now offended by Ariana Grande’s latest post. The pop singer is now being slammed and blamed for Asian fishing after a new photoshoot in which she has put up an Asian appearance. For the unaware, Asian fishing comes up after its original term fishing, which basically is used to pick on those people who try to adopt a certain community’s way of life without expressing much interest in learning about its background.

Well, it now seems like Ariana Grande is the next target of ‘fishing blame. Before her many other celebs have also been blamed for doing this and one such example is Kim Kardashian. Talking about the post, which has now been deleted from Ariana’s account, in it the pop singer was seen wearing a white ribbon around her neck and on her head, she was also wearing a huge suit which gave a very Asian school girl look. The most attractive yet the most troubling part for the Asian community was Ariana’s eye and her face makeup, which usually is witnessed in Asian culture.

Check it out below:

Now if this was done intentionally or unintentionally, this only Ariana knows!

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old pop singer got married to her beau Dalton Gomez on 15th May 2021 in a private ceremony. Both the love birds had a secret engagement back in December 2020.

So do you think Ariana Grande is guilty of ‘Asian-Fishing’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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