Ant-Man 3 Alternate Ending
Ant-Man 3 Alternate Ending Might Not Be What Was Shown In The Climax (Photo Credit – IMDb; Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Poster)

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania received mixed reviews from the audiences as the movie could not meet the audience’s expectations. The movie failed to impress the majority of the ardent MCU fans and make big box office numbers for Marvel Studios. However, the ending left audiences about the future of Kang The Conqueror as many wonders whether is the end of his character.

We know that Scott Lang finally returned to his home, but a new theory suggests that he is caught in another Kang Timeline at the end of Quantumania. Many insiders also revealed the ending was reshot before the film’s release, and it seemed like an odd decision for the studio. However, new reports claim that rumoured reshoots swapped out the original idea of Lang and Hope van Dyne being trapped in the Quantum Realm for a “happy” ending where the family tucks into a Baskin-Robbins birthday cake.

Den of Geek reported a theory by the New Rockstars about how Scott and Hope did not escape to the original timeline of Earth-616 continuity. The ending marked the whole circle as we got a rehash of the opening, complete with the same Welcome Back, Kotter theme song. It was clearly shown that Scott Lang believed something was wrong as he said, “My life doesn’t make sense.”

However, it can also be said that it could just be the looming threat of more Kang variants. This also hints that Ant-Man knows that this is not his home. Even the ending of the movie is shown with people passing wearing a vibrant purple that clashes against a green backdrop hinting nods to Kang’s signature colours from the comics.

Reacting to the ending, Ant-Man 3 writer said, “For now, the only important thing to say is that the multiverse is limitless and Scott Lang was the man who saved the universe in [Avengers: Endgame], and now he may be the person who accidentally f-cked up the multiverse for everybody.”

Many theorists are also saying that Ant-Man is undergoing some sort of psychedelic trip similar to the one Hank Pym experienced in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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