Annoyed Queen Elizabeth II Once Hurled A Pair Of Shoes At Prince Philip
Queen Elizabeth II Once Hurled A Pair Of Shoes At Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II’s tenure as the Queen did not come with only stately woes but also marriage conundrums. Just like in any marriage, the royal couple had a lot of ups and downs. Occasionally, the Queen also got annoyed at her husband.


A book published on the Duke of Edinburgh titled “Prince Philip Revealed: A Biography, written by Royal expert Ingrid Seward recently, reveals the moments about his marriage with the Queen and takes a closer look at the 99-year-old’s life.

The author, who had been covering the British royal family since the 1980s, has penned down nearly 20 books on the subject. For his latest book, the author spoke to numerous friends and associates close to Prince Philip.


The 72-year-old author, who is also the editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, recently during the interview Fox News revealed about her favourite moments she had explored for her latest book. She said that when the royal couple went on a tour in Australia in 1954, they unexpectedly received a rare weekend off for themselves. It is also worth pointing out that the exhausted pair were also in the middle of filming a documentary about their visit.

Ingrid Seward during the interview said, “Their tempers were very frayed. This film crew was standing outside their little holiday villa. The next thing they knew, Prince Philip appeared on the balcony, followed by a tennis racket and a pair of tennis shoes thrown at his head. The queen came out and shouted at him to come back. She then grabbed [Philip] and dragged him back inside. Of course, you can imagine how this sort of frumpy press secretary at the time was absolutely terrified.”

The British author also revealed that the royal press secretary demanded the crew to shut off their cameras or they will be arrested. She said, “He ran over to the crew and said, ‘We cannot have this on film. This is a disaster. Give me your film. You weren’t mean to be filming this.'”

However, later Queen Elizabeth handed over the film to the crew and thanked them. “I am sorry for that little interlude,” she reportedly said. “But as you know it happens in every marriage, doesn’t it?”

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