Andrew Garfield Got Tick Tick Boom When His Friend Lied
Andrew Garfield Got Tick Tick Boom Because Of A “Lie” That His Friend Spoke (Pic Credit: Instagram)

Andrew Garfield, one of the finest actors in the world, got his Oscar nomination on the basis of a lie. Well, this is what the actor revealed himself while talking about how he got the role in his Tick, Tick…BOOM!, which bagged him the Oscar nominations. Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Netflix musical drama had the actor playing the real-life late composer and playwright Jonathan Larson.

The movie was based on Jonathan’s autobiographical “rock monologue,”. The movie was set in the eight days leading up to his 30th birthday. In the movie, he is seen battling with the pressure of trying to finish the rock opera he is working on and cement his creative legacy. Read on to find out the story of how Andrew got the role in the movie.



During a conversation on The Graham Norton Show, Andrew Garfield revealed the ‘lie’ on how he was nominated for the Oscars. The actor says a ‘massage therapist’ friend of his lied on his behalf that he could sing. On recalling the incident, he says, “So Lynn (Director of Tick Tick Boom) was getting massaged one day on the table and he asks Greg, ‘he says hey I have a thing that I want to make and I might want Andrew to do it but can he sing’”

Later Andrew Garfield added, “Greg, just immediately without missing a beat just said oh my god he has the voice.” His friend did not stop there and went on to brag and say, “It’s like Natalie and Brulia meet Jennifer Hudson meets you know Ariana Grande and Aretha Franklin”.

After the massage session, the director responds by saying, “that seems excessive”. The massage therapist friend immediately calls Andrew Garfield and asks, “Hey buddy can you sing? Because you have to be able to sing because now my reputation is on the line”

“But we all need friends, who can live for us and now so it’s Greg Miele’s lies that has led to this Oscar nomination which is kind of an amazing thing”, added Andrew Garfield.

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