Alec Baldwin Is Very Happy As He Might Retire His Donald Trump Character In Saturday Night Live After His Defeat
Alec Baldwin Might Retire His Donald Trump Character In Saturday Night Live

With Joe Biden elected as the 46th president of The U.S., many things are going to change there. The first change is obviously going to be Donald Trump walking out of the White House. Well, we all have seen Alec Baldwin portraying the character of the 45th President on Saturday Night Live and have loved it.


But, with Biden’s win is there going to be a change on SNL as well? Let us hear what does Alec have to say about this? Continue reading further.


According to reports in Hollywood Life, Alec Baldwin is ready to retire his portrayal of Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live. The actor debuted the character to much fanfare in Sept. 2016. However, after Joe Biden’s win, it could be Alec’s last time playing Donald.

“Alec Baldwin is so so happy that he will be able to retire the wig. The Donald Trump character for Alec has been a blessing and a curse, and he is very very happy that he will only have to play it maybe one more time tonight,” a source close to the show told the portal.

“He will be available for Lorne if need be for the rest of the season, but he is looking very much forward to never play the character ever again,” the insider further added, suggesting that the door isn’t completely closed for Alec’s Trump. “It is a very happy day for Alec right now,” they also said.

Alec Baldwin has had a slew of memorable moments playing Donald over the years, with the sketches becoming more and more ridiculous over the years. During the pandemic, Saturday Night Live hilariously mocked the real-life Donald’s comments about injecting disinfectants like Lysol or Clorox as a way to combat COVID-19.

Well, there were many such hilarious sketches on the show which everyone enjoyed watching. We hope Alec comes up with a new character now. What say, guys?

Well, would you miss Alec Balwin’s portrayal as Donal Trump in the show?

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