After 8 Years, Ben Affleck's Thriller Regains Popularity On Netflix.
After 8 Years, Ben Affleck’s Thriller Regains Popularity On Netflix. (Photo Credit – IMDb)

After eight long years since its triumphant reign in cinemas, the mighty saga of Ben Affleck’s action-thriller, “The Accountant,” rises again, casting its shadow upon Netflix. During the week of March 25-31, the film seized the fourth throne on Netflix’s Global Top 10 chart, commanding 13.2 million hours of loyal viewership and 6.2 million devoted followers. Yet, it found itself trailing behind the recent Netflix epics, including the enchanted “Irish Wish” of Lindsay Lohan and the captivating “Damsel” of Millie Bobby Brown, each reigning supreme for three and four weeks, respectively.

Theatrically released back in 2016, the electrifying action-thriller introduces Ben Affleck as the enigmatic Christian Wolff, a maestro of mathematics and a certified accountant with a knack for straightening out financial chaos in the shadowy realms of crime. Alongside Affleck, the film features the talents of Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Jeffrey Tambor, and John Lithgow, forming an ensemble of unparalleled prowess.

Despite mixed critical reception, “The Accountant” has emerged victorious in the financial department. While critics raised concerns about its depiction of the main character’s autism, Ben Affleck’s portrayal and the incorporation of Pencak silat in the action sequences received acclaim. Although Rotten Tomatoes bestowed it with a modest 53% critic score, the impressive 76% audience score underscores its triumph.

As per Screenrant, despite initial studio estimates pegging its opening weekend at a modest $15 million, “The Accountant” defied expectations by raking in an unexpected $24 million during its premiere. Surpassing its $44 million budget, it amassed an impressive $155.2 million global box office revenue, highlighting its commercial success and widespread appeal among audiences.

“The Accountant’s” triumph has set the stage for its sequel, “The Accountant 2,” currently underway. The core cast, including Affleck, Bernthal, Addai-Robinson, and Simmons, is expected to return. While plot details are under wraps, clues from the original film hint at a possible partnership between Christian and his brother Brax in the sequel. With the streaming success of “The Accountant” on Netflix, the sequel is positioned for victory, especially with its exclusive release planned on Prime Video.

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