Aquaman Actress Amber Heard's N*dity On-Screen Made Johnny Depp Jealous, Uncomfortable!(Pic credit: amberheard/Instagram)
Aquaman Actress Amber Heard’s N*dity On-Screen Made Johnny Depp Jealous & Uncomfortable! (Pic credit: amberheard/Instagram)

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are embroiled in a legal battle. While the one related to their divorce is still pending, the on-going one is against The Sun. The British tabloid referred to the Fantastic Beasts actor as a ‘wife-beater.’ In response, he slapped a defamation suit on them. The trial is currently on-going. JD has revealed some shocking facts related to his ex-wife’s n*dity. Below is the scoop you need.


Ever since the trial began earlier this week, Johnny has been at the witness box. He has previously addressed allegations of physical assault. He even shared information regarding his severed finger and accused Amber of assault. Now, in the latest hearing, he has spoken about Heard’s hypocrisy of being n*de on-screen.


Johnny Depp confessed that he was jealous to witness his wife n*de on-screen. However, what made him uncomfortable was her actions. According to the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor, Amber Heard did not want to objectify herself.

“Ms. Heard was uncomfortable being thought of as a s*x object, and she was hoping to do better films with more meat to the part, if you will, and did not want to be objectified and did not want to have to do n*de scenes anymore,” he shared.

Amber Heard’s lawyer, however, accused Depp of trying to control her life. To this, he responded, “Well, I would never tell her what to wear, but I would certainly make mention if I thought what she was wearing was completely against the grain of what she told me her wishes were because I did not find it very helpful to what she was looking for in terms of being taken seriously as an actress. I told her she did not have to be naked in films.”

Johnny Depp even confessed that he was not okay with the Heard working with James Franco again. It was because she had allegedly told him that he tried to make s*xual advances to her. “I was uncomfortable with that, yes, because it was quite inconsistent with the feelings that she had told me of,” he said.

The actor also called this hypocrisy with Amber Heard’s words and actions “bullshit.”

“She was telling me how she did not want to be looked at as the pretty girl or did not want to have to get her breasts out or be n*de in a film anymore. And I said, ‘You do not have to.’ She wanted my advice, and I gave her my advice. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she continued to do the same type of films, and I thought to myself that she was above them,” Johnny Depp concluded.

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