Celebrity Escape Room: Mini FRIENDS Reunion With Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow - Here's What Internet Thought Of The Show!
Celebrity Escape Room: Mini FRIENDS Reunion With Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow – Here’s What Internet Thought Of The Show!

In a mini FRIENDS reunion, ‘Monica’ Courteney Cox and ‘Phoebe’ Lisa Kudrow reunited for NBC’s fundraising show Celebrity Escape Room. As you must’ve guessed by the name, the show works as Escape Room puzzler and Ben Stiller is the master. He teamed up a few very interesting celebs and asked them to unlock puzzles worth $15,000 each.

All of the money raised by the celebs will go for a charity and that’s the whole purpose of this show. Let’s take you through the list of contestants’ names.



As we already labeled Ben Stiller as the master, he came up with the idea of the show. In a behind the scenes video, he had said: “The thing I find is that you’re trying to use parts of your brain you don’t usually use, but those parts of my brain that I don’t usually use don’t get used a lot, so they’re not that great!”

Jumanji star Jack Black also participated on the show. In the promo video, he had said: “I wanted to be the head of ceremonies but also enjoying the torture.”

In a conversation with TVInsider, master Stiller talked about Jack Black saying: “The Game Master has to be someone who’s enjoying the process of torturing these people. Who’s going to be the most fun torturing you? It’d be Jack Black.”

Our very own ‘Monica’ from FRIENDS Courteney Cox. While talking about her Ben Stiller said, “It was great to see the way Courteney kept such a level head and was very analytical.” He also commented on ‘Phoebe’ Lisa Kudrow: “Lisa made me laugh all the time, because her reactions to what’s going on are so real.” While Lisa added: “I don’t remember anything because there were loud noises and it gave me amnesia.”

Parks & Recreation star Adam Scott was also a part of the show. Stiller made a hilarious comment on him: “Adam is a pretty sharp guy, but he’s actually less intelligent than I thought. [Laughs] Not that I’m smart, but we were trying to figure out what 4 times 9 is, and I was like, “It’s 36!” And he kept on disputing that!”

People clearly loved Celebrity Escape Room so much that they now want this to be made into a weekly show. A user wrote on Twitter, “@nbc who do I speak to in regards to making #CelebrityEscapeRoom a weekly show hosted by @jackblack where celebs compete to win for the charity of their choice? Ya’ll listening? Because that was so entertaining to watch tonight for #RedNoseDay. Another appreciating tweet read, “@nbc Please make #CelebrityEscapeRoom a weekly show! This was by far the highlight of my week!”

It aired last night and will now be available to watch for free but with ads on NBC’s website and app.

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