LIFESTYLE: Want To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Amid Lockdown? ‘Katori Wax’ Could Be Your Ultimate Hack
LIFESTYLE: Want To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Amid Lockdown? ‘Katori Wax’ Could Be Your Ultimate Hack

Lockdown, and when it comes to beauty – the most we women are dealing with is facial hair. Threading is not something that is everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, one wrong move and it could all turn upside down. How about shaving? Most women aren’t even comfortable with that. Well, today we’ve got you a simpler way and the safest one!

One myth that remains in the head while clearing your facial hair is ‘thicker hair growth.’ Many women fear that they would end up having growth as most men do. And well, the results have been varied from person to person. While many have had absolute normal regrowth, others have seen the exact opposite results. The best solution to this is to do a patch test. That will help you realize how your skin reacts to a particular method.



While shaving and threading remain the mainstream methods, we’d like to introduce to you the ‘Katori wax.’ It’s a customized form of wax, specifically made for removing facial hair. That means the ingredients are different and comparatively more sensitive. It has various formations too. Beginners can start with the red wax.

Depending upon the brand, a single piece costs around Rs. 70-150. And believe us, it goes up to 6 months at a minimum.

How do you use it? Follow the simple steps below:

Heat the wax to a point where the entire solid content turns into liquid.

With the help of a stick (usually comes with the pack), ensure that the wax isn’t too hot. This step is the UTMOST important because you don’t want to leave burnt skin. Or for that matter, excessive redness could really affect your face.

Gently apply a layer of the max on the required area. Peel it off, similar to how you work around a peel-off mask.

Just that simple! Yes, it might hurt a little, but it does ensure a goodbye to hair for at least 15-20 days.

For better results, one could exfoliate your skin well, put some moisturizer or facial powder just before applying the Katori wax.

Now, why is this method better than threading or shaving? Most women have experienced a normal re-growth and a delayed one.

Share with us if that cleared your doubts. Feel free to drop any questions in the comment section below.

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