Will Tenet Be Able To Surpass Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises At The Indian Box Office?
Will Tenet Be Able To Surpass Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises At The Indian Box Office?

Christopher Nolan is a maverick filmmaker and there’s no second thought about it. In his career till now, he has gifted cinematic gems like Memento, The Dark Knight, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.


Nolan has always enjoyed a huge commercial and critical success all over the globe. But unfortunately, rather sadly, he’s been not that lucky at the Indian box office. It will be interesting to see if Tenet, whenever arrives in the country, manages to get the much-deserved success for the filmmaker.


The reason we consider Christopher Nolan as unfortunate because despite bagging rave reviews, his films haven’t performed as expected in India. In fact, his grossing film at the Indian box office is Christian Bale, Tom Hardy’s The Dark Knight Rises. It had made 33 crores upon its release in 2012.

As Tenet is performing surprisingly well in China, the US and other markets despite the presence of COVID- 19 scare, India too is expected to show the good response for the film whenever it hits in the market. Speaking of its current run, the Christopher Nolan directorial has hit the $150 million mark.

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What do you think, will Tenet be able to surpass The Dark Knight Rises’ collections in India? Share your views through comments.

Meanwhile, according to the report published in NYTimes, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet got a massive opening in North America and the film collected over $20.2 million even after releasing in limited cinemas. This equals to 147 crores INR. As per the report from Variety, the film is currently being shown in 611 locations all across the UK and Ireland. And according to Comscore, despite the pandemic, the movie has grossed $7.16 million till now.

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