It seems social media has come alive to slam Besharam unanimously. While some critics and a certain section of the audiences have not belted very scathing remarks for their belief in Ranbir Kapoor, overall the film despite a good start has incurred a drop because of the negative word of mouth publicity!


The film saw the widest release ever recorded by a Hindi film, even beating the screen count of Chennai Express. Releasing on a non-festive, national holiday yesterday, the film on its opening day made 20.50 crores at the domestic box office. The film earned heavily in many key circuits in North India and Central India, but still the occupancy saw a considerable drop during the second half of the day when the collections began to dwindle. One can expect a flat 50% drop in the collections but the evening shows must record a higher occupancy to remain stable at the box office.

Besharam And Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Movie Poster
Besharam And Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Movie Poster

While the negative word of mouth is a hindrance, the film has to its aide Ranbir Kapoor’s delightful charm. Though there is little hope that the charm will cast a good spell on audiences this time because the actor’s star value is still not as booming as that of Khans. Ranbir has always managed to work his ventures on the basis of content. Being a picky actor, he has always remained careful about the kind of roles he has procured or executed! As the protagonist Babli, in Besharam – the role might have been a misfire of sorts.

However director Abhinav Kashyap has targeted a fertile period for the film. With Grand Masti being the last significant film at the box office, Besharam has cut through a lull of sorts at the box office.

The opening day collections have been the highest recorded by R.K at the box office ever. While Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani despite being a non holiday release, made an overwhelming 19.45 crores at the domestic box office on Day 1, Ranbir’s Besharam should have done in the range of 24 crores given the wide release and holiday spurt!

YJHD was well received for being one of recent times most pompous and extravagant romantic comedies with Deepika and Ranbir’s chemistry being  a striking crowd puller. The film went down well with the masses, especially the youth who could related well with the story and its characters! But Besharam with its loud look and tacky execution didn’t have much to defend itself. The film lost the chance to fare with a ferocious flair anymore, but it might still milk out a good income from the box office given the singular release with the highest screens running at the theaters currently!

In Week 1, YJHD had moved beyond the 100 crore mark and gathered 107.61 by the completion of its one week run (7 Days) at the box office. Besharam should atleast make a business of 108 crores in Week 1 (9 Days) to beat the record.

It is yet to see if Besharam can match pace with YJHD‘s rampant run that speedily became the year’s second highest box office grosser. The early buzz suggests that the film has so far marginally fallen short of the monetary expectations and it must hold on well till Sunday to garner the due income from the movie.

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  1. What rubbish this article is!! Grand Masti got really bad critic response and yet the public still went in their droves to watch it. The critics didn’t have the guts to give this poor excuse for a movie the same negative feedback. Ranbir is the current darling of the media the new SRK. he has created an illusion that he only does good movies so this site gives it a 2/5 stars and an average review when it deserved a lower than the half they gave grand masti. time and again this site proves bias like the rating they gave jab tak hai jaan when even the most ardent of yash ji fans will agree that JTHJ was a poor send off for the great director.

  2. Aise 4 Besharam sath mil jayen tab b YJHD ka record break nhi krskte… YJHD was a far better than Besharam, Besharam is just waste of time and money..


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