It was a terrible weekend for Bollywood as hardly any numbers came at the Box Office. There were around 3000 screens running Hindi films, which means the capacity to earn close to 30 crore was there on a day to day basis.

For the weekend, it comes to 90 crore. However, not even 10% of this amount came over the entire weekend, which tells the tale.

Naam Shabana Box Office Collections

The only film to fetch some sort of moolah was Naam Shabana and that brought in 5.37 crore more in its second weekend.

Naam Shabana movie Poster
Naam Shabana movie Poster

The film has managed to cross the 30 crore mark in the process and currently stands at 32.55 crore. Ideally, these numbers should have come in the Week One itself as that would set the stage for a 40 crore lifetime. Though that won’t happen, at least fair hold in the second weekend has allowed the film to stay in contention for a 35 crore lifetime at the least.

Baahubali: The Beginning Box Office Collections

Re-release of Baahubali: The Beginning hasn’t resulted in any sort of returns as audiences haven’t really showed much interest in giving it a dekko on the big screen within two years of its arrival.

Bahubali movie Poster
Bahubali movie Poster

The film could gather just about 2 crore* in its opening weekend and it would be interesting to see that after such huge release, will it actually move into the second week with any major screen count.

Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana, Mirza Juuliet, Mukti Bhawan Box Office Collections

Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana, Mirza Juuliet, Mukti Bhawan
Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laddoo Deewana, Mirza Juuliet, Mukti Bhawan

Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana had some sort of a potential to surprise but that hasn’t turned out to be the case. The film just couldn’t find any opening whatsoever and the critical appreciation wasn’t there either. With nothing really going for it, the film’s opening weekend has been around the 75 lakhs* mark, which ideally should have been its first day numbers to enjoy some sort of growth.

Ditto for Mirza Juuliet which has gone through the same fate.

As for Mukti Bhawan, all the stars that it has gathered via critical acclaim haven’t really led to any footfalls. The film would end it run in theaters after one week.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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