The year 2010 ended on a sad note with the fast-declining collections of Tees Maar Khan all over. ‘Tees Maar Khan’ may have collected very well in the first weekend, but it could not sustain after the first three days. Collections dropped fast and furiously from Monday (27th December, 2010) onwards. The Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif starrer made a total Rs. 27,25,40,957 from 421 cinemas.

Tees Maar Khan Movie Poster, Toonpur Ka Superrhero Movie Poster, Isi Life Mein...! Movie Poster

Toonpur Ka Superrhero is a resounding flop, proving yet again that animation films don’t have a market in India, generally speaking. Ajay Devgan & Kajol’s film gathered a total Rs. 1,63,18,881 from 278 cinemas. Isi Life Mein…! proved lifeless at the ticket windows with a total 48,16,718 from 160 cinemas. Hottie Angeline Jolie’s The Tourist – Ek Haseen Jaal (dubbed) failed to lure the audience. The film, also starring Johnny Depp, earned a total Rs. 19,70,846 from 33 cinemas.

In its 3rd week, No Problem made a total Rs. 10,45,429 from 56 cinemas. Band Baaja Baaraat is the only film which is holding its own, to an extent. Anushka Sharma & Ranveer Singh’s wedding planner film raked in a total Rs. 1,30,67,413 from 178 cinemas.


No Film Week Collections (Rs.) No. of prints Average per print (Rs.)
1 Tees Maar Khan 1st 27,25,40,957 421 6,47,366
2 Toonpur Ka Superrhero 1st 1,63,18,881 278 58,701
3 Band Baaja Baaraat 3rd 1,30,67,413 178 73,412
4 Isi Life Mein…! 1st 48,16,718 160 30,104
5 The Tourist – Ek Haseen Jaal 1st 19,70,846 33 59,723
6 No Problem 3rd 10,45,429 56 18,668

India Box Office Collections for the week of December 24 – December 30, 2010 (All figures in Rs.)

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