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Star cast: Akshay Oberoi, Sandeepa Dhar, Mohnish Bahl.

Plot: Sandeepa is a small-town girl who joins a college in Bombay, without the consent or knowledge of her strict and orthodox father. She gets friendly to Vivaan in college. But can they live happily ever after?

What’s Good: The music.

What’s Bad: The kiddish screenplay; the lack of romance and emotions; the lacklustre comedy.

Verdict: Isi Life Mein…! is a weak fare.

Loo break: Some, in the first half.

Watch or Not?: Watch it if you cherish the clean entertainment of the Barjatya banner, Rajshri.

Akshay Oberoi, Sandeepa Dhar (Isi Life Mein...! Movie Still)

Rajshri Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s Isi Life Mein…! is about pursuing one’s dreams in one’s lifetime. Rajnandini (Sandeepa Dhar) hails from a traditional Rajasthani family. She doesn’t want to get married after her schooling is over and her comparatively liberal-minded mother (Prachee Shah Pandya) knows this. The mother, therefore, sends her to Bombay to stay with her (mother’s) sister. The intention is that Rajnandini would join a college in Bombay to pursue further studies. But the mother doesn’t take her husband, Ravimohan Khandelwal (Mohnish Bahl), into confidence as she is sure, he would not approve of Rajnandini going to a Bombay college. Ravimohan is a very orthodox man.

In Bombay, Rajnandini befriends Vivaan (Akshay Oberoi) and joins his drama group. Vivaan’s father (Aditya Raj Kapoor) is against his dramatics as he considers it a waste of time. Anyway, Vivaan and Rajnandini’s friendship turns into love, but Rajnandini is scared to express her love. Similarly, Vivaan also doesn’t openly profess his love for her. However, he does goad her into following her dreams. He encourages her to pursue dancing at which she is very good. Meanwhile, the drama group is rehearsing for an inter-collegiate competition.

Akshay Oberoi, Sandeepa Dhar (Isi Life Mein...! Movie Still)

All hell breaks loose when Rajnandini’s strict father sees her wearing clothes he’d never approve of and with her group of college friends – guys and girls. Rajnandini is forced to return to Rajasthan with her angry father who, soon, fixes her marriage. Not able to establish contact with Rajnandini, her friends land in her house on the day of her engagement and are shocked by the turn of events. They plead with her father to allow her to participate in the inter-collegiate competition as part of their troupe but he, obviously, insults them. They try to reason out with him that marriage cannot be the be-all and end-all of a girl’s life but the father is simply not prepared to see reason.

Do the two worlds – one represented by Vivaan and his modern friends, and the other represented by Rajnandini’s orthodox and autocratic father – meet? Does Vivaan’s father have a change of heart? What about Rajnandini’s father? And what about her marriage? Answers to all these questions are provided in the last part of the film.



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