Script and Screenplay
Vidhi Kasliwal’s story is extremely childish. Although it is a love story, romance is almost completely missing. The conflict between the two worlds – traditional and modern – does not appeal because Rajnandini’s mother, in a way, cheats when she does not take her husband into confidence about Rajnandini going to a college in Bombay. Ravimohan is strict but he is not a wrong man that she should have kept him in the dark about such an important decision in the life of his own daughter. Since the foundation of the conflict is so shaky, the conflict itself makes little sense because the two sides to the conflict aren’t on the same platform.

Akshay Oberoi (Isi Life Mein...! Movie Still)

Sulekha Bajpai Karkare’s screenplay is very weak. Although the gist of the story is that marriage is an important part of life, and not life itself, the screenplay hardly complements this one-line story. The first half is frivolous and looks fake and contrived. It moves at a snail’s pace and fails to evoke any kind of emotions in the audience’s hearts. The post-interval portion also does not create any impact because the conflict is hardly allowed to become full-blown. The group of friends from Bombay are shown to be chicken-hearted and docile. Rajnandini thanking Vivaan for encouraging her to pursue her dreams, when she is about to get married, looks unwarranted. For, where has she pursued her dreams? Rather, quite contrary to his advice, she has left her dreams unfulfilled and is all set to get married.

The pranks and antics of Vivaan and his mates, in the pre-interval portion, lack novelty and aren’t even funny enough. What’s more, the entire group of friends is so passe, the viewer doesn’t even empathise with anyone. Romance between Vivaan and Rajnandini is hardly heartwarming. Emotions are conspicuous by their absence throughout the film. Even the drama itself is half-baked. That being so, the film turns out to be a dull fare moving at a leisurely pace and without conveying much.





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