Table No. 21 Movie Poster
Table No. 21 Movie Poster

It’s a clutter gathering at the very beginning of the year, what with as many as five medium to small budget films clashing with each other. These are Table No. 21, Rajdhani Express, Dehraadun Diary, Meri Shadi Karao and Dekha Jo Pehli Baar. This is quite a high volume of films considering the fact that first week of a New Year usually doesn’t see many films hitting the screens. However, 2013 is an exception.

The only film which is carrying at least some decent potential to score at the box office is Table No. 21. It has been promoted to some extent, if not optimally. Most importantly though, the film is looking good with a promising subject. Also, the cast is made of people who can act (Paresh Rawal, Rajeev Khandelwal, Tena Desae) and with the film’s look being striking and lavish, there is a chance that it would at least catch up with good word of mouth.

Rajdhani Express is the launch-pad of Leander Paes but if this is the manner in which a sports star had to see an arrival in Bollywood, it could well be sending a wrong signal to others who were dreaming of making a start in the B-Town. The film has hardly seen any promotion coming its way and what has been shown so far hasn’t been much enticing either. Despite decent face value to it with Jimmy Sheirgill in there, there has been seemingly no urgency amongst the makers to bring the film to audience in a correct manner.

As for Dehraadun Diary, it boasts of a topical subject and seems like a good dramatic affair with Adhyayan Suman in lead. However, there has hardly been any promotion whatsoever due to which visibility has been poor. Ditto for Meri Shadi Karao which is the launch-pad of Daler Mehndi’s son Gurdeep Mehndi but is seeing a sudden arrival for itself. It’s tacky promos are not helping the cause either. This is something that Dekha Jo Pehli Baar doesn’t have to worry about though since its promo has not even been seen by any, leave aside being criticised.

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