Siddharth may have realised that Striker was, after all, not the right film to have relaunched his career in Bollywood.

The film opened to dismal houses and continued throughout the week with collections which could give anyone a heart attack.

The blame also lay at the doorstep of Studio 18, the film’s producers. The production house simply didn’t promote the film.

Probably, they knew it was going to bomb!

The previous week’s Ishqiya faced a perceptible drop in its second week.

Shemaroo, the company which has produced the film, will not be able to make any profit on the film starring Naseer, Arshad and Vidya Balan. Perhaps, it will lose a couple of crores.

The other release of 29th January, Rann, of course, continued to create records of poor collections. It should soon be out of the theatres.

Another film preparing to quit the cinemas is Salman Khan’s Veer. The third week should be its last week in a number of cinemas across the country.

After 3 Idiots, the industry has not really had a success in the true sense of the term. The expectations from My Name Is Khan are, therefore, all the more.

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