One week run of Simran and Lucknow Central has finally got over and exhibitors could well be hoping for better times ahead with the newer lot of films. Neither Simran nor Lucknow Central could shake things up at the box office as they saw lukewarm numbers right through the week. While Simran stands at 15.48 crore after one week, Lucknow Central is even behind at 12 crores*. All in all, though it is audiences who have been left disappointed since there wasn’t much entertainment in store for them right through the week.

Let’s talk about Simran first. One wonders what really prompted the makers to put together this film which a) was boring and pointless on the paper level itself and b) was in English (with liberal doses of Gujarati) for 50% of the narrative. While former can still be understandable since hardly any makers believe that the written material with them is not actually exciting. However, latter is inexcusable since a conscious call was being taken to alienate a large segment of the audience. As for the film being entirely un-dimensional, that is a topic of conversation in itself.

Simran and Lucknow Central fail to bring in audiences - Here are the reasons why
Simran And Lucknow Central Fail To Bring In Audiences – Here Are The Reasons Why


As for Lucknow Central, the biggest issue was the treatment to the story. It was all over the place where prison break, music and a human angle tried to come together but eventually ended up not satisfying even one of the dimensions. The prison break episode was too late in the day and didn’t excite, music was barely passable and the human angle just didn’t bring in the emotional quotient. Result? A thumbs down from the audience which is reflecting in the collections.

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All in all, two more flops in the kitty of Bollywood this year.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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