Aamir Khan’s last release, Secret Superstar did not just receive love and praise in the superstar’s home country, India, but it has also entered the prestigious Top 5 list of all time grossing films worldwide.


Even though Aamir Khan only had a cameo in the film, yet his loyal fans thronged the theatres to watch the film because of their faith in the content that he brings to the table.

With the entry of Secret Superstar in the top 5 list, 3 of Aamir Khan’s films are now part of it.

Secret Superstar
Secret Superstar

It is not an easy feat for any actor to have 3 of his films on the list of Top 5 Indian grossing films worldwide but Aamir Khan has managed to do that.

With Dangal collecting 1908 crores, Secret Superstar collecting 874 crores and PK gathering 831 crores, Aamir Khan is the only Indian actor ever to set such a massive record with his films.


With Aamir Khan, it’s not just about delivering superior content but it is also about doing that consistently.

While all these above-mentioned films did phenomenally well in India, they also received humongous response overseas, especially in China.

In fact, according to Chinese IMDb, Aamir Khan is the top-ranked foreign actor there and Dangal is the top ranking film.

The other two films apart from Aamir’s in the list of Top 5 Indian films worldwide are, Bajrangi Bhaijaan (5th rank) and Baahubali 2 (2nd rank)

This only proves that Aamir Khan is the World’s biggest superstar from India.

Dangal: 1908 crore
Bahubali 2: 1700 crore
Secret Superstar: 874 crore
PK : 831 crore
Bajrangi Bhaijaan: 698 crore





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