Satya 2 has turned out to be a mega debacle at the box office. Though one wasn’t expecting roaring business from the film, the way it has gone further down after a very poor opening is astonishing to say the least. The film is a huge disaster and is now the lowest grossing film ever for Ram Gopal Varma, what with just around 2 crore coming in its first week.

Now these are very poor collections and totally establish the kind of lack of interest that audience had from the film.

Punit Singh Ratn in a still from Satya 2
Punit Singh Ratn in a still from Satya 2

In fact some of the complete non-starcast affairs by Ram Gopal Varma like Contract and Agyaat had earned better when released a few years back. However for a franchise like Satya 2 to just not ignite any excitement whatsoever amongst audience is an eye opener for all involved.

For a filmmaker who has been churning out 2-3 films every year, one waits to see if Ramu would reduce the frequency of making movies and would actually take a break (just like Priyadarshan has done in the recent times) and would strike back with a bang.

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