Satya 2 Movie Poster
Satya 2 Movie Poster

Rating: 0.5/5 Stars (Zero and a half Stars)

Star cast: Punit Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti, Aradhna Gupta

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

What’s Good: Nothing

What’s Bad: Everything

Loo break: You’ll want to live in the loo after watching this film.

Watch or Not?: I thought the worst of Ram Gopal Varma was Aag but the man has created a new joiner for Bollywood’s league of most scummy films ever made. Even in the worst of films, there is always something to appreciate. But with Satya 2, Varma has disgraced his caliber to the level that can’t evoke a word of sympathy for him. The film is a realization of every film critic’s worst nightmare where I have had to put more energy into penning down this review than RGV to make the film. If you love cinema, refrain from watching Satya 2. It is a horror that the devil himself got down to inflict on us!

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Suited up in corporate attire, Satya (Punit Singh Ratn) is introduced as a man with a gusto of coming up with something path breaking. Devising a brand new blue print of underworld business, he kicks of a company named ‘Company’.

It isn’t long before Satya revises and rectifies the mistakes of his preceding dons and bhais of the market. He elevates himself as the menace of the town with the police desperate to hunt him down.

The don’s love life isn’t far away as in bits he romances Chitra (Anaika). An adaptation of the – he came, he saw and he conquered story; it attempts to have us glued to watch how he fell!

Punit Singh Ratn in a satya 2 Movie Review (Punit Singh Ratn in a satya 2 Movie Stills)
Punit Singh Ratn in a still from Satya 2

Satya 2 Review: Script Analysis

To say that the story is trite and vapid is an understatement. Being a sequel of a film that scored as the most bold work about the dark life of Mumbai’s underworld, Satya 2 is one blemish of a film to carry the pious Satya name!

Borrowing the plot of the original film, it is fashioned on the same lines about a man who chases the dream of being the most menacing man in the city. The scriptwriters ham up one of the trashiest scripts with the lamest innuendos possible. The much loved spirit of Satya is butchered scene by scene in this contemptible, unworthy and low plot which at best could be termed garish!

Satya takes up the job of setting right the mistakes of his predecessors by setting up a Company with a uniquely original name! Well, it’s called Company (Applause!!) Surprisingly he shot to fame in the most bizarre way and out of the blue he turns into the deadliest threat. One can accuse me of missing the chronology because the screenplay compelled me to take a power nap in the middle. But in my defense there was no better way to sustain the movie, which to my credit I did.

The film is an embarrassingly lazy product that only has umpteen howlers in it. With poorly sketched characters and caricature of a supporting cast, Satya 2 is a shameful product which is the twin of the 1998 marvel only in name.

The prowess of the original was in its intensity but in Satya 2 it is evident that very little enthusiasm and energy has been invested in making the film more imaginative or render some depth to it. It is highly bland and inflicts such pain on you that the thought of trying any RGV film again will make you shudder!

Satya 2 Review: Star Performances

Punit Singh Ratn is nowhere near J.D Chakraborty as Satya! Puneet takes his role a little too seriously and since the man has no acting chops to flaunt, his flat performance punctures whatever little good the terrible script of the film had!

Anaika who plays his lady love is an expert at pouting. Exercising her facial muscles only to create duck faces and pout with the edginess of Angelina Jolie, she just gives annoying a newer dimension and meaning!

The supporting cast of the film is absolutely missing. For a film to be a one man show, the lead character must have the caliber of carrying the script single handedly. But Punit’s grouching along with the absence of the likes of Bhiku Mhatre or Kallu Mama, leaves a vacuum in the screenplay that just can’t be fixed.

Satya 2 Review: Direction, Screenplay, Music

Satya 2 in my opinion is Ram Gopal Varma’s most shameful career decision so far. It is a horrifying surprise seeing the filmmaker’s work deteriorate to this level of trash. It is hard to guess what was he trying to make here but he surely has inflicted serious wounds on his fans by making such a stupid, lame and a painful film. Even if I do ignore the fact that the film is an unlinked sequel of the hit Satya, as a standalone film too it is horrendous. The theories and reasoning used by the script is absurd and mindless. The background score chanting Satya’s name has brain damaging effect. The cinematography is amateurish and the camera work will give you a migraine attack. Insipid, hollow and an absolute disaster, it will be hard to muster any faith on the filmmaker henceforth. I was particularly disappointed with a certain rape sequence that was so insensitively done that it made me want to wring the neck of whoever came up with it.

Satya 2 Review: The Last Word

Satya 2 is amongst the worst films ever made. Varma makes a mockery of his own potential by coming up with something so outlandish, disgustingly boring and thoroughly mindless. The shockingly distasteful casting and the entirely hopeless acting of all, this film fails at every possible section. Punit Singh Ratn flops at strumming any intensity and the lack of an able supporting cast kills all hope for this film. But mostly it is a doomed venture which is one of my most gruesome experience at theaters. If there was negative marking, I would have used it to rate the film. Even a 0/5 seems like over marking it! Such crap! Such pain! It seems to me that films like Satya and Sarkaar has sucked out all of Varma’s talent that he came up with something this grating!

Satya 2 Trailer

Satya 2 releases on 8th November, 2013.

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