Rangoon had a low weekend of 18.25 crore*. Even by conservative estimates, one was looking forward to the first three days contributing 30 crore at the least. After all, Saif Ali Khan’s Phantom [33.18 crore], Shahid Kapoor’s Haider [33.8 crore] and Kangana Ranaut’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns [38 crore], each being their last major release, had collected much more than that in their opening weekend.

However, the numbers were in line with what Vishal Bhardwaj’s last release Haider [19.45 crore] had collected, which pretty much reaffirms the span of market that has been explored by the filmmaker.

Haider had managed these numbers despite competition from Bang Bang and had further benefitted from better word of mouth. In case of Rangoon, not many have actually seen the film due to which word of mouth is not really coming into account.

One now waits to see how weekdays turn out for Rangoon as there are four more open days ahead for it before Commando 2 hits the screens on the coming Friday.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

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