Commando 2

commando 2 Plot
Commando 2

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Cast: Vidyut Jamwal, Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta, Adil Hussain, Freddy Daruwala

Writer/Director: Deven Bhojani

Producer/s: Vipul Shah, Dhaval Jayantilal Gada


commando 2 Review

Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Vidyut Jamwal, Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta, Adil Hussain, Freddy Daruwala, Shefali Shah, Thakur Anoop Singh

Director: Deven Bhojani

Commando 2
Commando 2

What’s Good: Vidyut Jammwal’s ability to pull off action with so much ease.

What’s Bad: Hammy dialogues and a boring plot.

Loo Break: May be every time Esha Gupta talks.

Watch or Not?: This is easily passable. There’s no great action or acting in this film.

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Commando 2 traces a black money trail as Karan (Vidyut Jammwal) a commando, cops Bakhtawar (Freddy Daruwala) and Bhawna Reddy (Adah Sharma) are assigned to arrest Vicky Chadha (Thakur Anoop Singh) and international money launderer in Thailand.

While Karan and Bakhtawar don’t see eye to eye, Bhawna’s too stupid to lead a mission.

A major twist in tale comes when Vicky’s wife Maria (Esha Gupta) claims that she and Vicky are innocent.

There’s double crossing, love affairs and a much bigger truth yet to unfold. Will Karan succeed in his mission is what is left to see.

Commando 2 Review
Commando 2 Review

Commando 2 Review: Script Analysis

Building an action franchise in Bollywood is an easy task. In most cases, the writers take no efforts whatsoever and Commando 2 is a classic example of that. The plot is basic with typical elements and the only connection the film tries to have with current times, is play the demonetization card.

One honestly feels like the script has been written by a person who follows Bollywood closely and hence feels a formulaic plot will help.

The characters are fickle. Dialogues are so hammy that you’re bored to even listen them fully. Examples would be, “Zinda reh ke kaunsa swach bharat ka jhanda uthane wala tha yeh” or “Mere haath pair toh khud mere orders nahi mante.”

Why did Adah Sharma’s character have to be Hyderabadi? No clue. If it was meant for comic relief, then sadly it didn’t work at all. It’s extremely irritating and I certainly have a problem with female cops being shown to be so stupid.

A major twist regarding the villain comes pre-interval and that was one of the better things in the story.

Climax is again quite cliched and if someone would have paid me a $1000 for guessing it, I would’ve been rich.

Commando 2 Review: Star Performance

Vidyut Jammwal looks superfit and is impressive with his agility. His hand to hand combat looks great. Yet, there’s nothing in his acting that makes him stand out.

Adah Sharma as Bhawna Reddy jabbers in the Hyderabadi accent and it is beyond irritating. Nonetheless, a little credit goes to her for putting up that effort.

Esha Gupta is like Rustom part two in this film. She’s poor in her acting skills and I don’t know why directors keep casting her.

Freddy Daruwala has managed to give the same expression for the entire film and kudos to him for that.

Shefali Shah, Adil Hussain, Suhail Nayyar and Thakur Anoop Singh form an average supporting cast.

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